Monday, January 1, 2007







We are getting ready for our great trip to Texas...we cannot wait to see everyone!! Please continue to let us know if you will make it.

We just took down all of the beautiful Christmas decorations (thanks family for the additions) and are cleaning up before we go. Dave has taken a sincere liking to his PSP again and therefore this leaves me lots of computer time!!

The weather here is off and on. We are in the 50s today but yesterday we were 70s. It has been rainy which means we cannot let the dogs out in the back unattended...we have lake Adkins back there and we have discovered that Sully is a water dog...oh, and a determined digger! JOY!!

We are looking to move very soon!!! Either to the NEW base housing or something off base (hopefully). We are very tired of base living---we have WONDERFUL neighbors just not the best management :-(

Please keep us updated by commenting on our posts....we would love to keep in touch!! I am going to try very hard to keep this updated.

Miss you all....