Sunday, March 1, 2009


OK, so I am typing on my little Dell Mini that Dave got me for Christmas and I am still getting used to the keys. Please excuse typos :-)

Katy inspired me to type again since it has been so long. I have been using Twitter pretty consistently so if you are interested you can follow me on there and get my little random blogs for the day. Go to and search me and click Follow. If you have unlimited texts you can also sign up and put your phone number in there and it will text you my blogs. They are usually 1 sentence long...nothing huge. No pictures, etc. Also, if you have an iphone you can get the free app that will allow you to read the twits as they are posted---really cool!!

OK, so no garage sales lately. I mapped about 10 if them out yesterday but could not peel myself out of bed to get there, plus we had to go do our taxes--joy!

We just got our back porch re-screened and it looks AWESOME!! The next thing on the to do list is carpet which we are using our tax return to do this. WE CANNOT WAIT!!! We are going for a light tan, speckled, "frizay" style. Everything has been measured and calculated we are just waiting for the return to be processed!!

I have been a bit crazy lately at school...I just got another student teacher, which is great but also time consuming! She is a bit shy but we are working on that. We are also about 4 weeks away from CRCTs (our state test)!! Which really freaks me out!! We are all working really hard to get these kids prepared for what seems to be life or death!!

Cheerleading should not be in my vocabulary but it is unfortunately. We met at the Central Office to make sure that all middle schools in the county were doing the EXACT same thing. A bit ridiculous!! I hope this helps the parents realize that rules are rules and they will survive if it is not exactly how they want it. If we are here next year I will work with sideline and the competition team will be completely separate and I will have nothing to do with it. I hope his weeds out the parents/girls who do not care to support their school teams. Gosh, I get stressed just thinking about it!

Moving on...Dave IS RETRAINING!!! We are both really excited that he will be off the Flight Line and into a job that he feels is more fit for him. He is leaving in a couple of weeks for San Antonio for 10 days and then back to FL for the rest of his school (about 7 months). This means that we will also be PCSing (Permanent Change of Station) soon!!!! We have put CA on our wish list so we can be closer to family. We will not get our real orders until Dave has passed a certain point in his training since it is a weed-out program. I am hoping for REALLY soon so I can get a job for next year in CALIFORNIA. However, as you all know finding jobs is really hard right now. Believe it or not education is taking a hit too. Places in CA are considering firing 10% of their current teachers and consolidating schools. This is in the area we hope to be in, which is really scary. I have a secure job here so even if we get orders I may have to stay in GA until I can get a job in CA. If anyone has connections in the Sacramento area, let me know!!!!

Off to grade papers--my life!! Keep us posted on your life!!!!!