Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh my!!!

Check this out...unbelievable talent in these kids!!!


Got music?!

Check out the cute Hello Kitty :-) I may change that up, but I FINALLY figured out how to add the stinking music!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!


Dang the military....we are still patiently waiting (well I am not acting very patient) for the military to decide when to let us know where we will be living next.

Dave is still doing very well in school and is supposed to graduate in December. This is not set in stone however, as usual, but we are hoping he will not be washed back for any reason.

We will be in Destin this weekend for the 4th!!! Our friends from Thomasville (Chris, Amber and baby Jensen) are coming too!!!!! We are so excited for a fun beach trip to this beautiful beach. I will do my best to post pictures when we get back, but I will be quickly thrown into cheer camp and then off to TX/CO for a couple of weeks!! So, no promises!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the twitter updates to the left hand of the screen. I am working on putting some other additions on the blog, so keep checking it out. I did do something weird yesterday that caused me to not have access to the blog for a bit and I kind of freaked out. All is well now, thanks to my awesome tech skills (riiiiiiight!).

Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok, so I added our (my, Dave is not a Twitt-er yet) Twitter updates on the left hand column!! SOOO, if you are not so cool that you have your own Twitter account, no biggie! You can see what I am twitting by checking out the application to the left of the posts!!


Awaiting Dave's arrival at the moment...he is coming in town for a baby shower, some golf and good times with good friends!!

For those of you that need an update on his school, here it is:

He has about 5 more months and we are counting down. We still have NO clue where the military will send us next (ANNOYING)!! We are still hoping for CA or WA?! At this point, anything will be closer to family than where we are now.

Dave has approximately a 98% average, so clearly he is doing very well!! He is really liking the program much better than his previous job. The classes he is taking are not only with Air Force but also Army, Marines, etc.

Ok, more later...Dave just got home!! Dogs are FREAKING out!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ok friends...if you are not on Twitter, jump on board and make sure you turn ON your mobile alerts IF you have an unlimited text package!!

I am still working on loading some pictures...coming soon!


I have a new App!! This one allows me to post on the blog from the phone and on the go. My next job is to figure out how to post pictures!
Trying out my new app!! Posting to the blog from my cell!!