Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve Plans?!

Anyone doing anything extravagant for New Years?

I did say I wanted to do something fun so here are the rough plans...

First, we will get Dave packed up and ready for FL/Afghanistan. Most of his gear has already been shipped to his destination but he will have to take the last of his camo-gear that he was recently issued. He also got issued some hiking boots that he is spraying with something to keep them from getting ruined in the weather, I think?

Next, we will put some frames up on the wall (Dave will) so I don't have to do it by myself. Although I am a math teacher my wall hanging skills are not so mathematically perfect!

We will head to Sacramento to hang out with the Nhem family for a bit, secretly hoping Julie will have baby Hazel while we are visiting. We will then all head to Old Sac for a night of excitement!! I made reservations at Cafe New Orleans!! It didn't get great reviews but I was interested in the Jerk Chicken and the fried appetizers AND the fact that I have eaten at too many Mexican restaurants lately.

After our lovely dinner, we will hang around to see the fireworks (now looking more closely at the site, we may actually miss these because they start at 9:00 and I am pretty sure, according to the reviews, that we won't be out of the restaurant in time to actually view these)! Old Sac has been doing this for the past 11 years so we are excited to join in the festivities. Hopefully, we can make it to midnight?!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here we go guys....I need your help!!

30 Things to do Before I am 30 List

1. New hair cut/style/highlights

2. Go with Danielle to Yoga

3. Read (finish) 12 new books

4. Learn how to manage my anxiety better without meds

5. Organize all of our paper files

6. Take a vacation with Dave (maybe a honeymoon—never had one). This one will be hard since he will be gone most of the time, but maybe we can actually make this one happen...

7. Exercise more (this shouldn’t be too hard since I haven’t been very good at it thus far)

8. Go the dermatologist (inspired by Amber)

9. Get our t-shirt quilts made (wish I could make them but I think that might be pushing it for 2011)

10. Learn how to make the cutsie, foofoo, headband, bows that all the precious little girls wear so I can give them to all of my nieces

11. Learn how to sew (I would really like to take a class—not sure how to get this ball rolling)

12. Work on our budget and stick to it (I would like to use an ING-type account so we can SEE how much we are using/allocating—suggestions?)

13. Eat at 5 new restaurants (1. Cafe New Orleans)

14. Eat a salad at least one time per week

15. Get a new digital SLR so I can rediscover my love for photography

16. Knit more (working on one now!)

17. Get a massage (professional)

18. Learn how to crochet

19. Cook a meal a month from my Family Cookbook that was so beautifully put together by my Nana

20. Go to the Redwood Forest!

21. Visit Austyn (and family and friends) in Dallas (OR she can be mailed here at any time!!)

22. Take vitamins regularly

23. Go somewhere fun for New Years (2010/2011)

24. Send a RAOK gift to someone who needs it

25. Hire a house cleaner (I know, this is terrible but absolutely necessary with how much our lovely dog sheds)

26. Buy a cute black pair of heels that I can wear with jeans

27. Ride my new cruiser bike to the Farmer’s Market downtown

28. Go wine tasting in the area (there are SO many vineyards!!)

29. Tell people that I love them more (specially family)

30. Work on MORE!!

I am really bad at this...

Ok, so I am REALLY bad at keeping up with the blog BUT I am going to try (yet again) to be better. I am going to attempt to link with Facebook so I can post updates that way too. I did get into this new page design/layout. I am still playing with colors...suggestions welcome!!


Stay tuned...I am working on my "29 things to do before I am 30" list!!