Thursday, May 24, 2007

Long time...

Wow, it has been a while. School is almost out, and the students and I cannot wait much longer!!! We have been waiting for this day for too long. Tomorrow we are out for a whole two months! Didn't we used to get 3?! I am booked over the summer with professional development, which I am excited about :-) I will be doing school improvement, spanish for teachers, CRCT review in Atlanta, math development at VSU, two cheer camps, and a few more that I can't think of off the top of my head!!

We have been consumed with smoke lately. They have threatened to close schools since the smoke has been so thick. Buses have had a hard time seeing the roads! We have also had a thick layer of ashes on the cars every day. They said this is the first time they have seen that "patches of smoke" are in the daily forecasts!

Dave is busy beefing up his resume, we go to another funeral on Saturday. So much for Labor day plans or any plans for that matter. He never seems to get a day off. He worked on the plane all day last Saturday, which didn't matter much since I have been sick as a dog since last Thursday. Oh, I almost forgot that I went to the GREATEST wedding in Cali last weekend---congrats Jen and Mike!!!! It was GREAT and such a nice trip to take with my sis-in-law!!! We both enjoyed catching up with Jake and seeing the beautiful Lake Tahoe and mountains.

I have to peace out, my Cuban sandwich is awaiting my mouth!!! Talk again soon and will post picts soon....remember I am almost without kids!!!!!