Monday, December 29, 2008


Dear, Ben & Heather

It would not hurt our feelings a tad bit if you said that you did not like this piece. We KNOW it wasn't on your registry. So please do not hesitate to ask for the receipt for return or exchange. We will be in the store waiting for it to be re-shelved so we can buy it for ourselves!!!

Sincerely, Dave & Courtney

P.S. I know, I am slightly obsessing over this!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I love this site...

I have followed this blog for close to a year now and I really enjoy Ramit's real-life scenarios and information on how to become a financially successful individual. This is my favorite post that he has was one of his firsts.

We all do not want to be rich to be personally successful but to be successful so that we may help others.

As I reflect over the past few days I think about how important it is to give all that you can, whether it is things that people sincerely need (clothing, food, hair straightener), things that we may not need but that make us feel good (gift cards, massages, money, smell good lotions), or absolutely nothing at all just the presence of another person. We did get so many amazing gifts so thank you to all!!! (Pictures of our present-opening moments are coming soon!!) BUT--what we give and who we share it with is the most important part of this season. We are SO blessed. We were lucky to have spent Christmas with our "adoptive family" and we always feel like we are a part of their family when were are there. HOWEVER--we cannot wait to spend Christmas with our REAL family again. We miss you all and hope everyone had the Merriest of Christmases!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



I took a suggestion from her blog and got into

This is a site that you type in the name of a song or artist that you like and it searches radio stations to find THE song of the moment.

SO COOL!!! Pat is playing right now....Take Me Out to the Dance Hall!!! Jason Mraz is next....

Fun times...peace be with you all :-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Sully Photos

It is hilarious that he used to be this size!!


Can you believe this?! He used to be so tiny!!!

The Huddleston's Wedding in La Grange, GA

What a precious Heather came down the isle Ben did have a goofy, cheesy grin on his face that quickly turned into tears of joy (it overcame him even knowing he would have to take crap from the guys in the squadron for years to come) as he saw his bride coming towards him.

AND STUPID ME DID NOT CATCH THIS ON THE STUPID FILM---ahhhhh!!!! Left the stupid camera at the STUPID house!!! I am still mad at myself, can you tell!!

It was extremely frustrating watching this with a cold---as I snorted away with my stuffed up nose and hacking cough. I really did try to keep all eyes on THEM as it was THEIR day. And for some reason I could not help myself but cry at this wedding (thanks Momma, Nana, genes, whoever started this...). It really was beautiful...

Now we will finally get to hang out with people that don't act like they are twelve!!! Oh wait---Ben and Dave act like they are twelve when they get in the near vicinity of each other. fears, Heather and I have learned to ignore them REALLY well and know when it is a good time to walk away from the area, we will have fun :-)

When they return from Jamaica (man), 7 day, all inclusive, Ben will remind you....they will be living close to us and we will get to hang out :-) YAY!!!

Ok and YES---I promise to put up some pictures of us!! I know I am slacking on that. I will take some as we open presents at Christmas and post, post, POST!!!! I know you are excited!!!

Here is a tiny one of us before we rode the 4-wheelers in Colorado!!!

Cookies and Shaving Cream!

Yes, I am crazy enough to decorate cookies and "clean" the school desks with shaving cream days before the kids were let free from the school walls.

I made cut-out cookies and icing for my homeroom class and we decorated them with sprinkles and red hots!! They were so cute!!! The kids enjoyed it, even though some of them didn't think the cookies were sugary enough and the icing tasted like toothpaste (?)!!

AND yes, I did let the honors class do some algebra problems in shaving cream on their desks!! They were sooo excited---you would not believe how much fun they had!!!

The crazy things we teachers do to entertain....