Sunday, June 10, 2007


Dave's mustang...anyone want it?!

Ohhh, what a cute puppy face!!!

Cooper and his carrott, he is a little confused.

Dave's trip to D.C.

No more smoke!

We are in the clear...we can finally breathe!!! It has been a long time since we have been able to clearly see the tops of the trees. Thanks to a long hard rain about a week ago, the smoke has dissipated :-)

We are working on the exterior of the house this week and the weekend, so we will be posting house picts soon! We also have news that our wedding picts are on their way too!!!! Yay Stephen!!!

Dave just got changed over to mid-shift (12:00am-8:00am) so we are both adjusting. My friend left me this last week, they PCS'ed to San Antonio, TX. We miss them dearly already :-( I am going to VSU for 2 weeks for a summer math program that I am VERY excited about, we get paid AND are getting a video IPOD!!! Now, this is going to be an adventure, neither Dave nor I own a regular IPOD, I know soo last century, but we are about to embark on a new journey!!! I will be learning how to use it in the classroom!!! However, I am pretty sure this new toy is going to end up in Dave's TDY bag.

Cooper and Sully are LOVING the backyard space. Sully has conveniently learned how to get himself stuck about 10 feet back in the thick forest. His new favorite pastime is chasing rabbits. Cooper is still stoked about the multitude of pine cones that just keep falling from Heaven!!

Our next goal is to clean out the gutters and get Dave's new (old) truck licenced in GA. Yes, I did say truck...he just looks so good in a truck. I must be from the south?! He has found his long lost love and will be doing lots of trash hauling in that baby!! We are both very excited :-) On that note, we are selling the Mustang AND the bike, so if you know of any interested parties, please ease them in our direction!!

Peace to all...forward our blog to anyone who might want to check into our lives. Love and miss you all!