Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going for monthly...

Ok, so I was trying to this weekly, but not happening! The sad thing is that I am out of school right now so you would think I would have more time to invest here, HA! So I am going for monthly posts!!!

I believe I will have a total of about 2 weeks fully off from school, the rest of this summer has been devoted to professional development and cheerleading!

At home we have been painting EVERYTHING! Crown molding is beautiful but makes painting a little stressful. We are also experimenting with accent walls, etc. so it has been fun! I will be posting some before and after pictures as soon as there is an after...it is taking me a bit of time!

Dave is still working the mid shift which has totally screwed up his sleeping schedule and mine! He did get BTZ, meaning that he gets to put on another stripe 6 months before most of the other airmen that came in the same time as he did. He was chosen by the uppers for this honor that he does truly deserve!!!! We are proud and it comes with a slight pay raise so we are even more happy!!

The lawn just got chopped so I am going to try to attach the powerpoint of the exterior of our home sweet home?! Didn't work...if you want the powerpoint, email me :-)

Love and miss you all!!

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Aron & Suz said...

monthly postings are good goals. congrats to dave! it's so nice when husbands get the recognition they so deserve.