Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok, so I had a nice long blog entry last night and then blogger went down. So now I am posting short and sweet blogs until I feel okay about it again!

Mostly, I just want to say hi...we miss you all. The house is coming together. We had professional painters (MomA and Jules) here a few weeks ago so the living room and hallway look GREAT!!

I was at the beach this past weekend with a dear friend who has since moved to San Antonio...BECKEE!!!! We went to Jacksonville, FL (Mayport) for a wedding and did some seriously needed shopping and beaching :-) Here are some recent pictures....peace!


Jennie Thomason said...

Love the pictures! Miss you!

Hope you got some lovely things while shopping.

Aron & Suz said...

i check your blog all the time, so i'm pleased to see an update. hooray for good beach and friend time! can't wait to see pics of the inside of your house.

btw--did you see that we moved back to Dallas? i so hope to connect with you whenever you come back to visit. we close on our home in plano next friday. woo-hoo!