Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well life is back to normal...well whatever normal is?! Dave brought home two full bags of laundry. Oh the joys of laundry and my secret hopes for full bags of dirty clothes upon his return.


It is amazing how much more crap I have to clean when there is another man body in the house.

I have been enjoying line drying the clothes though. I know this sounds a little crazy but it makes me feel like I am saving money so I can justify my secret coffee runs....shhhhh!!! We have also been working out. Dave lost 40 pounds in Iraq and I have been working out for about a month now and have lost a whopping 1 pound!!!! I know what you are thinking---cut the coffee runs. The problem is, I JUST CAN'T.

Yesterday we finally bought a wireless router, Wireless N to be exact. What this means is that I should have the power to use my laptop in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the garage or even outside!!! Pretty sweet!! The only problem----IT DOESN'T work!! Our Ethernet port on the back of the CPU does not work for some strange reason. So if you live in the area or have any expert advice, please send it my way so we can get this router in working order and so I can use the laptop while I am sunbathing on my cool, new, blue, $10, plastic pool chair---HA!!
Our next excursion will be to buy bikes. Yes, and I mean mountain bikes. Dave has his fancy bike picked out (well it is between two) either the

Specialized Hardrock Comp Disk or the Haro Escape.I am going for the WalMart special. Dave will actually be riding his bike to and from work so I guess that justifies the fact that we must buy this thing at an actual specialty bike store. I, on the other hand, am just riding along for fun on the weekends and therefore cannot justify the sparkly pink one that cost well over $1000. Dangit!

Last new obsession is BORBA!!! I bought some of these Aqualess Crystalline Packettes that you put in your water or even better in juice!!!! My mouth is watering now...depending on what you want them for you buy different ones.
Here is the sample pack:

Clarifying Aqua-less Crystalline (4 packettes)
Age Defying Aqua-less Crystalline (4 packettes)
Firming Aqua-less Crystalline (4 packettes)
Replenishing Aqua-less Crystalline (4 packettes)

The best one is the Guanaba Fruit (blue one) and here is the info on it:

What it is and What it does
BORBA FIRMING AQUA-LESS CRYSTALLINE contains a revolutionary cultivated bio-vitamin complex along with a scientifically designed blend of nutrients intended to promote the skin’s natural support system, helping to nourish and tone the skin.
BORBA FIRMING AQUA-LESS CRYSTALLINE is formulated to work with your body’s chemistry to promote healthy skin. This on-the-go, skin care-infused beverage combines simplicity and nutrition with the goodness of water. It’s water with benefits.
Infused with green tea and grape seed extract.
Also contains 4 essential B vitamins.

So, blah, blah, blah.....IT TASTES GOOD :-) I am now on the search for discount Borba...if anyone knows of the secret site, please let me know. My mouth will appreciate it.
OKIE DOKIE, now off to go do more laundry---yes, it is the root of my existence and wind beneath my wings-HA!!

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