Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok, so we got back from our crazy trip (GA-FL-CO-CA-FL-GA)...phew!! We had the greatest times. We discovered as we were traveling that this was in fact the first airplane trip that Dave and I have taken together since we have been together (6 years)!!! Insane.

I know you are desperately awaiting the million pictures that we have taken, but you will have to wait longer. I am in the inservice stages of my 4th year of teaching...can you believe that! I have a student teacher this year (yay!) and she is outstanding, so I will have a little bit of time out of the classroom while she is teaching. In the VSU program, as the teacher, you have to sign over your rights to your classroom for a full two weeks!!! Crazy!!

BTW: Valdosta, GA won Titletown, USA!!!! Can you freaking believe that. This is an ESPN title that was narrowed down from 200 cities to 20 and then to US!!!!! I don't think anyone was expecting this, but now across town all of the billboards say, "Welcome to TITLETOWN, USA". It is pretty funny that we are such a small town with a big title, but we do have over 450 sports titles that have been won in the Valdosta area!!! Read the article and see my cheerleaders on the clip!!!!

School starts on Monday so I will have to peace out!!!

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