Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve Plans?!

Anyone doing anything extravagant for New Years?

I did say I wanted to do something fun so here are the rough plans...

First, we will get Dave packed up and ready for FL/Afghanistan. Most of his gear has already been shipped to his destination but he will have to take the last of his camo-gear that he was recently issued. He also got issued some hiking boots that he is spraying with something to keep them from getting ruined in the weather, I think?

Next, we will put some frames up on the wall (Dave will) so I don't have to do it by myself. Although I am a math teacher my wall hanging skills are not so mathematically perfect!

We will head to Sacramento to hang out with the Nhem family for a bit, secretly hoping Julie will have baby Hazel while we are visiting. We will then all head to Old Sac for a night of excitement!! I made reservations at Cafe New Orleans!! It didn't get great reviews but I was interested in the Jerk Chicken and the fried appetizers AND the fact that I have eaten at too many Mexican restaurants lately.

After our lovely dinner, we will hang around to see the fireworks (now looking more closely at the site, we may actually miss these because they start at 9:00 and I am pretty sure, according to the reviews, that we won't be out of the restaurant in time to actually view these)! Old Sac has been doing this for the past 11 years so we are excited to join in the festivities. Hopefully, we can make it to midnight?!


Kris said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Be safe!

Nhem Family Blog said...

Nice! I do like that you can link the blog to facebook notes... Maybe you'll inspire me to start back up!