Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running! Lemonade! 16 and pregnant

OK---I know these three things have nothing in common but stick with me...

Running...This is not my favorite topic of conversation but I am learning to like it. I am NOT a runner and those of you who know me know that this is completely true. I wanted to post that I hit a milestone today. I am proud of myself....I ran my route (about 1.5 miles--I know it is not much but let me remind you, I'M NOT A RUNNER!!) without stopping!!!!!!!!

Now, I will say that some people might walk faster than I run BUT that is not the point. I was desperate to stop and walk so many times but I didn't listen to that devil on my shoulder, instead I thought of what I wanted to look like in a new bathing suit. I am really liking the vintage inspired suits and can't make up my mind!!

Interesting fact: I never thought I would be able to run because I have knee problems from many years of dance and jump splits BUT Peter introduced me to the Reebok Realflex and my knees don't hurt. It is a miracle!

Lemonade...I made homemade lemonade thanks to a dear friend who shared some of her lemons. These lemons were the size of grapefruits, I kid you not---yes, welcome to California!!

16 and Pregnant...Is it just me or area ALL the guys this season worthless OR am I the only one who watches this crap?! And by the way....its FRustrated NOT fustrated....ay yi yi!!!


Erica said...

OK, you are NOT alone with your 16 and pregnant obsession. I have to actually watch it AFTER Katie goes to bed so she doesnt see that stuff but OMG..you are right..they are all ickky this season. I am now waiting for "One Born Every Minute" to have their new season start. :-) With me on this one too, Court??!!! And btw...didnt know you were a budding photog...if you ever want to come along to a shoot with me let me know!!

Court, Dave, and Sully said...

Would LOVE to come shoot with you....when and where?!