Thursday, April 26, 2007

Smooth sailing...

Well, Dave is bowling tonight and I finally have a second to write. It has been a while....sooooo WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! It is so perfect, we will have pictures ASAP! We move in totally this weekend. We have been moving bits and pieces for 2 weeks now. We closed with the mad man and are so done with dealing with crazy people for a while. You would think that we were sitting on a gold mine the way this guy was so desparately trying to get us to drop the contract. He left lots of crap at the house so I have been cleaning more than moving lately.

Things we have been doing lately: cleaning the yard on base because we got a citation for having too many leaves in our yard, moving stuff, cleaning the inside of the base house for the pre-inspection which took all of 2 minutes, packing, cleaning the NEW house which took days and is still not totally clean, moving, picked strawberries on the farm down the road, put new locks on the house (harder than you think), state testing at school, funerals (Dave is in honor guard, he presents the flag to the families who have lost soldiers), cheerleading fundraisers, cheerleading meetings, watching the dogs play with all the sticks that have fallen from the huge trees in our backyard (you would think they didn't own real toys, they truly prefer the sticks and rocks), teaching Cooper how to retreive pine cones at the new house and make a pile on the back porch--there are millions, laundry, going to antique auctions (we bought our first piece for the master bedroom--cool rosewood dresser!!!)...the list could go on for a while but I will stop here.

We can't wait to start living in our new house!! Some details: 3/2/2, 1+ acre, deeply wooded in the back for about 10 feet in all directions, only 1 neighbor about 100 yards away (old couple, very cute---they already asked us to watch the house and pick their tomatos while they are gone!), pond right off the property that we can fish, etc. in, light blue concrete paneling with maroon shutters (yes, full blown AGGIE maroon), tiled fire place, wood floors in kitchen, HUGE jacuzzi, garden tub--that was my only request, work bench and work room---Dave's only request, screened in patio, pear tree, fig tree, rose bush, magnolia trees, gardenia bush, and some other foliage that we have not quite figured out yet--the previous owner did not keep up with the landscaping. It is definitly something we will have to work on to make it perfect, but for now it is PERFECT for us!! We can't wait :-)

I am going to go grade some papers and feed the dogs...please keep us posted on your life, we want to know!! Miss you all :-)

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Aron & Suz said...

Congrats on getting your own pad! I know you will be thrilled to get all settled in and make it feel like home. how much do I love that you are already being neighborly with the folks next door?! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy. Summer plans?

House pics, please!