Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Well, as of now I am ON SPRING BREAK!! It was very much needed, the kids were on edge and so was I. We have our state test a week from this coming Monday and then we are smooth sailing to summer.

We are counting down the days...our lender said we could close this week, but we are waiting on the seller to sign to give power of attorney to this other guy (still crossing our fingers on the closing, our seller has been shady)!!!

Some info: It is a cute 3/2/2 on an acre of land with a pond feet away and fish!!! We are EXCITED. It is light blue/grey with red shutters and doors. It has a porch good for rocking in a chair and LOTS of pine trees--and yes, you guessed it, Dave is very excited about raking those needles. There is a large screened in porch and I am going to learn how to compost!!! All suggestions are welcome. I would like one that you can turn without shoveling, but they are a bit pricey. We cannot have an open one due to all the wildlife that lives in the backyard.

FYI: If you have never been to IKEA, find one and make a trip!!!

BY THE WAY....if you sent us a wedding gift and did not get a thank you card, PLEASE let us know. We had gifts delivered to the wrong address that were never forwarded (someone is living it up with our new stuff)! WE NEED TO FILE A CLAIM, SO LET US KNOW!! And thank you for sending what you did, we will find it!

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