Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend stuff...


This is Mirror Lake in Tin Cup, Colorado. This was one of the places we fished while at Taylor Park. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! We also met some fellow Aggies there. What a small world!!! Tin Cup is population 30ish (on its good days). In the winter Tin Cup is under snow. There are probably 3 that stay during that time. Their mode of transportation--snow mobiles. However, there is no need to leave during this time because everything within 100+ miles radius is also snowed in. There is one country store with one OLD (working?) gas pump, one restaurant (home cooking served), one church that also is used for their town hall, community center and dance hall. One OLD cemetery. We recorded our visit there on the video camera. Probably around 15 homes total. All dirt roads!!! Words cannot describe...

I have been burning all the debris that we had blown in from Fay. I actually have blisters on my hands and YES I was wearing gloves Dave. I have been burning since Saturday early morning and we still have piles of branches, trees (yes, trees), pine needles and pine cones galore!!

Dave did not end up going to Jackson,MS for Gustav---there were too many tornadoes and after that was over there wasn't enough damage to justify sending them there. However, he is working this weekend--yuck! He did not get home last night until 7ish and he is still working as we speak. The nice thing about weekend duty is that they now give them an equivalent amount of days off of their regular work week. They did not used to do this. That was ridiculous!!

Cooper and Sully are enjoying their new roomies. Tipsy (Sarah's dog) and Bonelli (Andy's dog) are here with Sarah while she is trying to find a rental house. Needless to say, IT IS A MAD HOUSE!!!! Cooper is IN LOVE with Bonelli and Sully is amused by the fact that Tipsy actually wants to play with him. Tipsy weighs about 5 pounds so you can imagine our amusement as they play!!

I am off tomorrow---well not really. I have doctors appointments all day. Of course, there is never a good day to not be at school. Luckily, I have the BEST student teacher so she will be able to hold the fort while I am gone. It is nice to know that I can leave and things will actually get done!

Cheer season has started and we are heading into our 6 day a week schedule. We practice/game M-F and in two weeks we will start competing on Saturdays. I know---CrAzY!!
Funny Faces: My girls on our Beach Trip 2008!! We went to St. Simons and saw dolphins, they collected sand dollars, shells, mollusks, little fishies and we even saw a baby shark!!!!!! After that we were OUT OF THE WATER!!!!! Even though this job stresses me out more than any job I have EVER had--I DO LOVE IT :-)

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