Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just did a big post and I hit a button and now it is GONE!!!!!!

Here is what I wrote, I think...

GAS PRICES and dumb people:

Enough said...this is in VALDOSTA!!! Cops had to actually come to direct people to the pumps. Stupid people.

Dave is in TX (Randoph, AFB). The C-130s are refueling the helicopters that are doing search and rescue. If you are there, please let us know if you are okay--Amber and Stephen??

More pictures from our summer trip

I have great memories here---fishing at Frenchy's. This is the only place to eat in Tin Cup!! Graig, Jacci, myself, Ashley, Kellie and maybe Gary...we used to sit and catch fish until we hit our limit of 3 while our parents ran around rebaiting our hooks and killing the fish we caught!!! I am sure it was a comical sight :-) This is directly across the street from the "gas station" in Tin Cup that you can see on my last post.

Here we are at Mt.Bachelor on the ski lift. Dave spent his life here skiing/snow boarding.

A little too close...


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