Monday, November 24, 2008

Obsessed 2


Yes, I know a lot of people are obsessed...but my 7th grade kiddos are into this so I started reading them and the series is GREAT!! The vampire thing was not really what I was looking excitedly for but there is a great moral value to this read.

I feel like I should be at an AA meeting, "Hi, I am Courtney and I like the book, Twilight...ok, AND Edward Cullen."

I did jump on the bandwagon--but truly, you should check it out.

I have NOT seen the movie....I would hate to ruin the book experience, but I have heard promising reviews from friends and family. My kids were all going to see it and they highly encouraged me to buy the soundtrack.

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Nhem Family Blog said...

Yeah! I love it too! Peter just read Eclipse and started Breaking Dawn last night... I just finished New Moon but am taking a bread to read The Host now- though I did sneak in a little online peak at Midnight Sun - soooo goood! I hope SM finishes it!!!