Saturday, January 31, 2009


So I did not go last weekend---for some reason there were only 2 posted in the newspaper in town and for nothing interesting so I decided that sleep was much more valuable!

Today, however, I hit up 11 families who had a lot of crap!!

Discoveries today:

--More baby clothes...met the cutest couple shopping for their first baby (girl, they found out Monday)!! We were shopping from the same pile on the table! Interesting what you learn from having random conversations at freezing temperatures at 7am!! Approximately 10 pieces, $2.50

--Antique wire star (it is a wall decoration), $1

--Cordless phone (with no wall cords included), our phone in the bedroom just took a crap, so I got this one to hopefully replace it until we can buy a full new set for the house, $1

--Wii game, Wii Play (used but in good condition, no controllers or anything), $5

--BCBG animal print dress (I know, crazy....grrrr!!), $1

I also went to an Estate Sale in a very nice part of town where I was really interested in buying the house. The lady said that the property was apparently staying in the family. There was a nice $200 antique chair and my dear friend (the lady, who is now following me through the house) was pushing hard to get me to buy the $425 early 1900's china. I must say I did act VERY interested in it because it was BEAUTIFUL. However, I did have to walk away because $425...umm know!! Did not have that cash on hand today!

I would like you all to know that we did join the world of the iPhones this afternoon....Dave and I have been saving our allowance (yes, we do give each other a set amount of spending per month and this has greatly decreased his constant whining about me spending every last dime on any SALE item that I see---even if it is truly a GREAT deal)!! We are proud to say that so far it was well worth the save and the decrease in our monthly allowance (we have to deduct the cost of the media package service from our allowance so as to not disrupt the budgeting that we are trying our hardest to stick to). Dave got a hard case so that he will not scratch it up on the flight line and I got this cute pink case below :-)

We hope you are all doing well---keep us posted on life---miss you all!!!!

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Kate and Zach said...

I just love you. You are a treat. :)