Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's Talk

Don't know if I have posted this picture before, but this is from a year ago when we were in Dallas for Christmas and eating at the GREATEST steak resturant EVER, Bob's Steak and Chophouse

Ok, so before we talk....let's NOT talk about how long it has been since I last posted.

No excuses, just didn't do it.

I have, on the other hand, been garage-saling on the weekends and have found some awesome finds, here are some of the treasures I have discovered:

-lots of baby clothes and gadgets for stinking cheap (NO WE ARE NOT PREGNANT BUT JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE IS), and YES I plan to dress our future kid in hand-me-downs and garage sale discoveries---do not worry, he/she will be dressed to the T, but man have I found some of the greatest things oh so VERY early on Saturday mornings around here

-cool flour sifter for 50 cents--I have been needing one and just couldn't justify the $5+ dollars for a real one, so I just "fluff" the flour if it asks for sifting, I know, not how it is supposed to work

-Depression glass---I have continued the collection of the clear depression glass that was handed down to me from my great-grandmother, Grandma Peggy...but I will say that this stuff is HARD TO FIND!!!

-NEW, fancy wine bottle opener---yes, we have WAY too many of these so we are giving it to the newlyweds, Heather and Ben, that are now our wine drinking buddies, this was 50 cents too!!

-some clothes for ME---WITH FREAKING TAGS!! Amazing :-)

-cute Polo shirt for Dave, however he is having issues with wearing other people's clothes, we are working on this (I know that some of you may agree with him) but it was NICE and I washed it, TWICE

-books, I am always picking these up and there is never enough time to read all of them (got a Janet Evanovich, The Last Tsar for Dave and a bunch of middle school books for my classroom library)

-LOTS OF OTHER STUFF--I will post my new list this weekend after my escapade!!

I keep trying to get Dave up to go with me and he has yet to come along, even when I offer to buy him donuts from the new Daylight Donuts!!

Oh by the way, I am secretly obsessed with CVS and the ECB (Extra Care Buck--gosh, get on this bandwagon) program. Check it out here I am not the only is borderline cultish, but no worries, I am just learning how to save some serious bucks!!

Ok, more later---gotta get this school mess graded!!

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Kate and Zach said...

YOU.... crack... me... UP!!!!