Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok, so I added our (my, Dave is not a Twitt-er yet) Twitter updates on the left hand column!! SOOO, if you are not so cool that you have your own Twitter account, no biggie! You can see what I am twitting by checking out the application to the left of the posts!!


Awaiting Dave's arrival at the moment...he is coming in town for a baby shower, some golf and good times with good friends!!

For those of you that need an update on his school, here it is:

He has about 5 more months and we are counting down. We still have NO clue where the military will send us next (ANNOYING)!! We are still hoping for CA or WA?! At this point, anything will be closer to family than where we are now.

Dave has approximately a 98% average, so clearly he is doing very well!! He is really liking the program much better than his previous job. The classes he is taking are not only with Air Force but also Army, Marines, etc.

Ok, more later...Dave just got home!! Dogs are FREAKING out!!!

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