Thursday, July 7, 2011

Afghanistan (picture/video) Update!

Group shot...Dave is in the back center (sort of)! There is a mixture of AF, Army, and Afghans (yes, that is PC, that is what they like to be called)!

Ok, so I have been asking Dave to send me a picture of these HUGE ants since he got there. He said they are too fast and the other 200 pictures he took were blurry---booo!! They remind me of the bullet ants in Costa Rica that carried green leaves to build their homes. Also known as "hormiga veinticuatro" because it had a bite that would literally sting like heck for 24 hours (they are not lying--it was a throbbing hurt). Not sure what they are dragging here? Looks like a sponge but I think it is actually some form of food. Dave did say that he once saw a single ant carry a whole M&M!! It was the plain chocolate kind (yes, I asked)...can you imagine if they could carry a peanut M&M!!! I asked him to try it so I'll post pics if they can make it happen :-)

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for....Happy 4th of July from Afghanistan!!

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