Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heavy and Light

I know it has been some time (darn--almost a month) since I have written. Life has definitely been interesting this past month. Some of these changes are hard to handle and are not appropriate to talk about now. So I will chat about surface material until things (my mind) settle.

It is interesting how when life throws you curves, you can really start to find clarity in other places. It is funny how things that once were so stressful and frustrating now seem comical and irrelevant. Dave will be out of Afghanistan very soon and will be making his trek back to the states in the next couple of weeks. We are all so excited to get him back home and in one piece (mostly)! Fears of the unknown linger and will for some time until we know that we really have him back.

On a lighter note, I have been a bit busy doing the following: reading (The Help and Down Range), running (not far but actually running), biking, photographing (, editing, driving, "working" (on getting a job---that actually probably shouldn't be in quotations), hanging out (with Hazel, the fam, friends), Angels Camp extravaganza, road trip to Yosemite, hiking, Big Trees, wine tasting, random Sac Fair trip, vacuuming dog hair (we have a shedder!), picking fruit off the trees before the birds get it (discovered that the tree that I first thought was a nut tree, then thought was a plum tree, now is actually a nectarine tree---LORD, help me!), gardening (attempting to grow tomatoes, carrots, beans, green peppers), couponing (CVS mostly), estate sale-ing, getting excited for...Dave's return, three weddings to photograph, and seeing my sweet baby sister and niece in 5 days!!!

I will be posting some pictures shortly of some of our latest escapades. Thanks for reading :-)

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