Tuesday, March 6, 2007


We have placed a contract on our house (hopefully)! Being in the military we have learned to not get REALLY excited about something because it usually does not end up happening. So we are only sort of excited, until we close. Inside we are REALLY excited, but if we make that too loud the military might hear us :-)

We are not going to put up any pictures until it is final, so sorry to all of you who have asked and are going to ask....you'll have to wait---it will be worth it.

We have told the dogs that they might get new grass and some trees, but they are not allowed to get too excited either or the military will hear them and they know that they belong to us.


Jennie Thomason said...

Excited in silence ... so cute! I am sending you tons of good vibes and positive thoughts. And, when you do close, post some pictures. I won't even ask for those wedding pictures ... I'm starting to think I imagined those cameras there ;)

Kris Whelan said...

YIPPPEEEEE!!! WOOOHOOOOO!! ooops...shhhhhhhhhhh

Ok..I am NOT so excited for you guys and I am definitely NOT proud.

Way to NOT go!
Aunt Krissi