Sunday, March 18, 2007


Well, we are still working with all the paper pushers for our house...we have had a couple of speed bumps, but are trying to get it all together soon. We will keep you posted!

Dave left this morning for a TDY to some where in the states?? He will be back Friday, hopefully. He was excited, getting a TDY as an A1C is not a piece of cake and he has been on two so far! Someone up the ladder must like him? He also just got his headphones (I know that is not what they are called, but he is not here for me to ask him). They are the big headphones that the guys wear on the flight line--makes them look important, that may be the only reason they wear them?? He was proud and tried them on for the dogs last night!! That makes him an official 5-level!!

I am currently preparing my hoodlums for the CRCT!! We have 2 weeks until Spring Break!!!!!!! When they get back they will have one more week to review and then we test. A little scary for all of us. This is the first year for the new Georgia Performance Standards for 7th grade, so we will see if we did anything right to prepare them. We also have cheerleading tryouts in 2 weeks so my life has also been to prepare a new potential cheerleader packet, organize meetings for parents/girls, get approval for the use of the cafeteria since the gym is under construction, and more---everyone should be aware that cheerleading is a year-round sport. The sports department will never recognize this secret of ours...

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