Sunday, March 4, 2007

Second Try...

OK, so Jennie and Suzanne have inspired me to finally fix this blog. Our first one was fun, but I lost the password and it is incredibly hard to recover it if you don't know your user name either!! So we are going to try this again!

We are in the process of posting some of our wedding pictures, but are still waiting on the professional ones. Sorry to all, but you will have to wait a bit longer. We promise to post them ASAWGT (as soon as we get them). Thanks for the encouragement :-)

Right now we are on the house hunt. STILL!! We placed an offer on one house, but did not get a fair counter offer so we are going to let them keep it. It was a blessing though because TODAY we found our dream home!!! We are hoping to steal this one...we will keep everyone posted!!

Dogs are good, Cooper is more active and Sully is now almost 100 pounds and only 8 months!! I told Dave a long time ago (and continue to remind him) that one day I want a horse. Now he says that Sully is my horse. I am still working on him for the real one!

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