Saturday, March 1, 2008


Poor Cooper and Sully, they just don't understand. Every time I say "daddy" or they hear what they think is his truck engine they run to go find him. Sully is standing here thinking in his little (big) dog head, "Where is my daddy?"

Gosh, it seems like we have so much to talk about and we talk non-stop but I can never remember anything that we talked about. It is so hard not being able to tell someone the things you need/want to tell them when they are never available to talk. I think we actually spoke for over 30 minutes and it seemed like 3. There were other people waiting for the phone so I had to let him go. He is always concerned about the rest of them, it is just who he is.

I spoke to a friend of his, Travis (I believe) he sounds like a cool guy. Apparently, Dave has been talking about me a little too much and so Travis said that he needed to check to see if I was really as great as I had been described?! I told Dave thanks for telling him all the good stuff and leaving out the rest, it makes me look good :-) As usual, he is ready to return. He is getting close to being at his halfway mark and he is excited!

I will be in Macon tomorrow, so everyone get excited, clap your hands right it...did you clap?!!! This is going to be a big day. I do have a personal budget set, so no worries. I plan to get Dave something so he doesn't feel left out.

Oh, by the way, does anyone know how legit the "unclaimed property" sites are? I did a search and found some money out there for myself and some of you too. You all seriously need to google "unclaimed property, state that you reside". I have checked all cities and states that I have lived in. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Keep checking on the posts. Miss you all!!

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