Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here is Dave's last email in case some of you did not receive it:

"Hey everybody! It's been crazy here so not a lot of free time. Working a lot of hours and I finally got a day off. The job is as good as can be expected. I wasn't able to get to arabic class this week but I think I want to learn Kurdish instead. We will see. Not so much of the "hawking a lugi" sound. I hope all is well with all of you. I really appreciate all the care packages, letters and emails. Not too much longer and I'll be headed home. It's actually going pretty quick. Love you guys.


Check this site... didn't read it all. About half way down you will find this picture and apparently Turkey is a huge problem specifically in Kirkuk. It was posted in 2007 so things may have changed but I am sure not by much.

I have been able to talk with him a couple of times since I last posted. It is usually the same old thing. He does sound good, mostly upbeat, but I know he is ready to step foot on American soil again. I sent a box off early this week that was from my students with lots of letters and their favorite snacks. They were excited to send it and always ask lots of questions about him and Iraq when we have a spare moment.

Last I checked he was only needing AA batteries. He would enjoy any DVDs that you can send and magazines are great too. Maybe a Kurdish-to-English dictionary since he is interested in learning!!

I am on my way this weekend the Macon, Georgia for a cheerleading competition. I am not so excited about the competition as I am the mall there. It has been some time since I have been to a mall that has more than one level!!!! Don't tell Dave I am going, he will get nervous about my spending habits. Just so you all know I have been doing exceptional on my saving lately.

Keep us posted on life around America...miss you all. Peace!!

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