Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hi friends....

Ok, I spoke with Dave and he has received in the past few days packages from the following: Mom A, Dad A and Aunt Krissi. THANK YOU!!!!!! Krissi, the books were a hit. Dave left a stack in the bathroom (go figure) and he went back to check today and they were all gone!

FYI: Dave says please do not send any more books!!!!! He is starting to ship things back to me since he will not have a lot of room when they fly him home. Before you send anything please let me know so I can check that he will be able to get them before he leaves. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAVE SENT PACKAGES!!!!!!!!! The guys are SOOOOO ready to get back to a place where they are loved.

Dave has found two fellow Aggies on the base there and they are going to hold their own Muster on base tomorrow, April 21st. Check out the link to get more info on this amazingly sacred tradition.

I got my invitation to Muster that is held in Jacksonville every year, however sadly I will not be able to make it. My team leader will be out of school for a book adoption and I have been given the honor(?) to "man the fort" while she is gone. This group of kids is crazy!!!!!!! You think I am is a fact.

We had our cheer banquet on Saturday and Alexis turned two as well. Today is our 1 year anniversary on buying the house---that seems extremely crazy!!! I cannot believe we have been here that long. Bianca is going to help me take the trash again to the dump---always a joyful experience :-)

If you did not get my email about donating to . Please take the time to read about it and pass the link on.

Miss you all...

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Nhem Family Blog said...

Haha well, I just sent him another package a couple of days ago heavy on meal bars and lite on books (only three in this one I think:)) PS tell your aunt to quit plugging Follet!! Hahaha:)