Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Securing the perimeter...

It is peaceful right now at home---IT IS FINALLY SPRING BREAK!!! Wow, for a while there I didn't think I was going to make it without going mad. We have one week to recover and then we have one week of mass chaos before the CRCT. Can't wait!

Cheer tryouts are over and we have an outstanding group of girls for this next year. Piseno and I can't wait to see their potential. Really, it will be exciting. Cooper agrees, he is sitting right here breathing on my foot.

Sully has taken over the new rug from Pier One (thanks to Papa Adkins for the gift card) in the bedroom and I have a hard time peeling him off. The only thing that has worked so far is "outside" and "hungry".

I have been able to talk to Dave for 3 days in a row!!!!!!!!!! Since I am home he can call me after he gets off of work. Time difference has been the biggest issue with his phone calls and the fact that every time I talk to him the card seems to only have one minute remaining. AHHH!!

Still counting down the days, but they are going a little faster, I think because this last month was SO busy. I am grateful though. Busy is my friend while he is gone.

Bianca and I have rearranged both the office and the guest room. I will be posting pictures soon along with pictures of the living room with the new couch and love seat (thanks Mom Adkins).

List of things I have done since Friday (get excited):

1) Vacuumed entire house three times-hairy dogs

2) painted the office

3) cleaned and refolded a HUGE above ground pool so B could sell it--I know this doesn't sound like much, but if you could have seen us trying to dodge all the spiders and jumping like little sissy girls when a leaf fell because we thought it was a lizard and then spraying it down and refolding it by standing on it to get the air out and then trying to tape it back up in its original box only to find out that the lady wasn't coming to get it because she was at the hospital with her son who almost bit his tongue off--yes CrAzY!

4) rearranged the office

5) had a garage sale (sold a TV and surround sound for a bad price according to Dave--BUT I did make someone VERY happy, it was a SUPER sweet deal)

6) called the mortgage company on an unfair late charge

7) called water people to come check the filter system and water pressure

8) met Bug man at house

9) met Yard man at house

10) almost got rid of our HUGE OLD antenna--pending pickup!!

11) rearranged guest bedroom

12) spot painted guest bedroom

13) steam cleaned some spots on the nasty carpet

14) made fresh homemade apple juice with my juicer twice!

15) made fresh homemade chocolate martinis

15) cleaned off and rearranged back screened in porch

16) tried to sell Dave's bike and truck (both are still here-dang it)

17) I am taking taxes to get done tomorrow

18) called dentist

19) mailed 2 packages (Momma and Dave)

20) spent my Pier One gift card!

21) watched a lot of Law and Order

22) did a lot of laundry

23) went to the dump for my first time with B--gross

24) drove Dave's truck for the first time to the dump--exciting experience (B fell out of the car, poor thing she is so short and the truck is TALL)

25) took myself and B to Marble Slab (yes, this podunk town did get a MSlab and Bianca had never been)

26) went to the bank

27) will call the fence man tomorrow (AGAIN)

28) worked on the claim from our move here almost two years ago (still they need more paper work from us before they can process the stinking claim, ai yi yi!)

I am sure there is more but these were the highlights and just think, I still have 4 more days!! What am I going to do with it!!!

Here are some pictures Dave sent---doesn't he look nice in his BTUs!

Miss you all :-)

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