Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The count down has started....

ONLY 22 Days left of SCHOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Craziness, but beautiful. The other amazing thing is that Dave will be back soon as well.

New adventure: Being a city girl, I was a little disturbed by the fact that when I got home yesterday (mind you this was after all normal businesses have closed for the day) half of the property was flooded and the other side dry. Hmmm, could it have only rained on the south side of the house??? I thought this a little strange, so when Cooper and I went to get the mail I did some more investigating and noticed that there was indeed a problem. Quite a bit of water was coming up from the ground around the pump AND the pump was making a pretty cool buzzing noise which Cooper was impressed with to say the least. He tried barking at it and that did not work so I had to try plan two. Still not completely sure of the issue, I did proceed to open the yellow pages and call a few companies around here that service wells. No bueno, no one is home!!!!! Or actually everyone was HOME, no answer.

I decided that I needed to go to the Band concert in which I had volunteered to help monitor the 7th graders as they waited to perform. I could have gotten out of that but I knew I would never hear the end of it from my students if I did not show. Needless to say, there were multiple painful renditions that I proudly stood to clap for because they are my children and I am proud of everything that they are proud of and usually more.

Thankfully, my wonderful friend and colleague Tammi (who was also at the concert) has a Superman of a husband that came out last night to check it. He discovered that yes, we did have a busted water line. He mentioned quickly that we may have to dig it up to find the leak, which meant tearing up the concrete driveway since the water line went under it to make it to the house. JOYFUL!!! When Cooper heard that he was excited. If you don't know Cooper well, he is an avid digger and when he gets really excited he can dig really fast!!!

I was instructed to take a FAST shower that night and to turn off the breaker that goes to the pump and leave it off. Today, Andy (Superman) came and dug up the line and found the leak. Luckily the leak was close to the pump so the driveway is still intact in case you were worried. He then proceeded to cut off the broken pieces and reattach the pieces together to make a new pipe line for us. GOD BLESS THE USA, we have water again!!!!!!

Moral of the story: When Dave is not home, shit might hit the fan!

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