Sunday, August 31, 2008


After a long drawn out process, we have finally agreed on these dishes:

I know, you are thinking---they are a slab of some random material that you eat off of. Yes, I do know this. Dave will say that he did not care one way or the other...that it was ME that was making this big deal out of nothing. But YES, you do eat off of them and everyone that comes over eats off of them and sometimes you serve off of them and sometimes you put random candles on them if you can't find anything else to put them on. I do believe it is some what of a statement of your character. No, I think we can go further and say that it may define you in a way. So YES, it took a long time for me to decide on this set. DON'T MAKE FUN!!!

QUESTION.....How do you determine how many place settings to buy?? We did debate on this too for a few days. We finally agreed on 12 of each but who really has the need for 12 of each dish. Ok, if we lived close to family 12 would be justified, but here in GA 2 would be plenty!!! Ok, maybe 4, but really do we NEED 12 place settings?!

Although Mom A does not break her dishes, even for entertainment, she still buys 12. So we came to the conclusion that since we will be moving (and we all know how responsible military movers are) there will probably be broken dishes when we unpack. We also plan to move closer to family. (What am I talking about just about any other state is closer to some family.) Anyways, so when we move we plan to entertain more and we hope to keep these dishes for a little bit.

Random picture....this was from when I went to Gatlinburg, TN.....from left to right: Ms. Bradley (band director), ME, Dr. Hundley (she is my team leader), random guy?, Mr. Cureton (S.S. teacher on my team, Ms. Peace (8th grade math teacher), and Dr. Norris!!!


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good choice court! i like em!