Saturday, August 16, 2008

I got tagged!!!

I got tagged by the beautiful Kate Gavos, so I will of course oblige! WHOOOOOOP for being a "real" teacher now!!! It will change your life daily :-) In mostly good ways---I learn new things every day. I am proud you have found your calling. I wasn't sure that PT was it, but everything happens for a reason. Miss you!!

The rules:
1. List your top ten favorite films (and they are definitely in no particular order).
2. If you're tagged, you've got to post & tag 3-5 other people.
3. Give a tag back (some link love) to the one who tagged you in your post
4. Give a hat tip (HT) to Dan. (whoever that is :)Top Ten + a great quote from the movie if I know one :)

1. My Best Friends Wedding
2. Bruce Almighty
3. Good Luck Chuck
4. The Little Mermaid
6. Hitch
7. Anchorman (hjsierjhsklefnasldfjalskcdnasdlkf...pee pee!!!)
8. Dumb and Dumber (Bug Gulps, huh)
9. Pursuit of Happiness
10. Mary Poppins (just a spoonful of sugar....I still believe in that)

Ok---hat tip to Dan---I think people look ridiculous when they try to be a gangsta' by turning their hat sideways!! Either wear your hat forwards or backwards...

TAG--Jules, Jenny (& your FIRST baby bud!!), Suzanne (& your second baby bud!)

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