Saturday, August 23, 2008

Too much rain...

We are still experiencing Hurricane (tropical storm) Fay here. It has not stopped raining (hard rain) for 3 days now. School was actually cancelled on Friday due to the terrible weather/flooding/tornadoes. It has been crazy! Every where we go, we get soaked--it is just understood. I showered today and didn't even take the time to dry my hair because I knew I was going to get very wet.

This picture is from Brunswick, GA but this is what we are dealing with all around us. A neighbor had a huge tree fall over their drive way and before they could get in or out they had to cut it into pieces. We are scared because we have sooo many tall pine trees surrounding our house. We hope to make it through the storm with no damage so we can have someone cut down about 10 trees right around the house.

We keep hearing loud noises on the roof and outside and just keep hoping that the limbs don't come through the ceiling. It is giving the dogs a workout because every noise they hear they get up and bark. The humans are getting annoyed!

I will take some pictures in a bit to give you an idea of what our yard looks like. I can't make it outside right now, but when it dies down you will not recognize the property! We have lots of clean up work ahead of us. Our burn pile is going to be HUGE!!!

FYI: We got trash service!!! This is a joyful thing because now we won't have to take our trash to the dump any more. They will come once a week and they will bring us a huge trash can so we can toss our junky ones away!! City folks, I know this sounds silly, but us country folks do not get to experience the simple pleasures. We do have to pay $60 a quarter for this service--it is not paid for by our taxes here. Power to the trash men and women, even though they make more than I do a year.

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