Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life at the Moment

We are SOO busy lately!!! It is a good thing but also does not give us much time to relax and enjoy the changing season!! We are LOVING the cooler weather. We can open our windows and not use the A/C for a while :-) This is my favorite type of weather and the reason why I enjoyed the Colorado and Oregon summer so much.

WE GOT OUR FENCE!!!! Can you believe it!! The dogs are so happy and are constantly outside. Most of the time Sully refuses to come in even to eat! Cooper was so sore yesterday that he was limping badly. Sarah is still living here and therefore we still have 4 dogs which makes having the fence a necessity.

Dave is playing football for the squadron again this year and he is their main receiver. He caught 8 passes at the last game but no touchdowns. He keeps getting beat up and it is only FLAG football. Some of the guys conveniently forget this.

Middle school football season has ended, sadly we did not make it to the playoffs this year. This is the first year since we have been here that they did not make it. The boys and coaches were sad. However, our High School football program is undefeated, we are number 2 in the nation!!! We have season passes and go to all the home games. Friday we beat #30 in the nation, North Side Warner Robbins. It is a HUGE deal in this town. The stands are always packed (8, 000 +) and we usually sell out at least half of the visitors side too. We will play our big rival next week, Valdosta HS. They are the city school in the area and it is usually impossible to get tickets to this game if it is at Valdosta, which it is this year. People will be camping out for these tickets---YES THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL IN SOUTH GEORGIA!!

All of the middle school kids go to these games and their parents too so I easily see 20-30 of my students at the games. I would bet that the majority of the middle school students are not cool unless you go to the high school games. Like I said is a BIG deal...tailgaters and all.
Random pciture--this was our cabin in Colorado.

I am off to do some laundry and school work---Peace Out!

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