Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cheer Competition!!

Forgot to tell you all that we competed again this weekend and despite a huge issue with our music the girls still got 5th place out of 10 teams. We missed 4th by 4 points and we beat Valdosta (our rival) by two places!!!!! I am very proud of them!! They hit all of their stunts and when the music started skipping they kept going and finished their routine and held their ending position until the music stopped!

We are learning the hard way about parent problems and are trying to make it through the year without having a nervous breakdown. The sad part is that the girls are feeling the repercussions of some of the parent drama despite us trying so hard to keep it from them. But as you all know the girls go HOME and at HOME that is where the PARENTS are and they TALK at home.

So sad...

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Kate and Zach said...

Pretty!!! I like the lighthouse...

If you want me to make a header/banner for you on photoshop, I'm happy to.

Yuck on the parent drama... why can they not see what idiots they are being!!! UGH!