Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is Dave's FAVORITE holiday. Those of you who are familiar with his C-2 time at A&M will understand this a bit better than the rest. It is hard to explain this fetish with people around here, remember we are in the deep south where some people still believe that Halloween is a celebration of the devil or what ever they believe?! We noticed last weekend when we were taking down all of the decorations that we do actually have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations. Crazy!

Here is a picture of the front view of our house during the daylight. I will have to take another one when it gets darker because we do have a strobe light that flashes on all of the decorations. The light actually screams and thunders, the skeleton on the left also screams and moves up and down and we have a gravestone that yells at you too. Scary!! The kids are actually scared to come up to the door when it is dark---heck I am a little scared too. So far the dogs are good, but we will see.

Inside we have all of the cutsie stuff, my stuff. We usually have a Halloween Party at the house and no worries, I found the floating eyeballs and spiders that we put in the punch!!!

As for work, my life has slowed down a bit. We had one full week of NO CHEER PRACTICE!!!! We are on our Fall Break so we were out on Friday and will be out Monday. The kids don't come back until Wednesday and we have in service on Tuesday. Very nice!! I get to go to the eye doctor on Monday and the orthodontist!!! I know, you thought I was done with braces!! My permanent retainer is causing problems now. Apparently it is pushing my gums down and will either need to be replaced or removed. I am thankful for my parents paying for my braces though. Those suckers were EXPENSIVE!!! A teacher friend of mine has them now and not only is she in pain but she is also paying big bucks for it!

On cheerleading...we have one more competition this next weekend!!! After that we go into basketball season which will be much less stress since we will not be competing at the same time. This will equate to one practice a week and 2 home games a week which we will split. After basketball we will have our banquet and then tryouts for next year. Never ending!

Dave is still working on his cross-training. Frustrations!! Rules change quarterly and so the same requirements he was working on when he started the process have now changed so he is getting agitated.

A couple more pictures so you can see how cute our puppies are in their pumpkin scarfs. Cooper wouldn't stand still so Sully took the spotlight. What a cute face :-)

AWWWW...both of these pictures were taken in our screened in patio. They love to be outside now that WE HAVE A FENCE. When they get tired they just come in the patio through the bottom flaps of the screen door (homemade doggie door--not intentional thanks to Sully) and lay on the cold concrete and drink out of their HUGE silver wash pan/bowl. GOOD DOGS!!

On our way to the Pumpkin Patch soon so I will peace out!!! Adios :-)


Nhem Family Blog said...

oh my gosh your house looks awesome! we have a pumpkin out front - sad in comparison:)

Kate and Zach said...

Happy Halloween Adkins family!