Friday, February 8, 2008

What did I do???

Isn't this a pretty mess Sully made for me. I came home and he was just so happy to take me right to his masterpiece. There was more, I just coudn't fit it all in the picture!!!

Thank you Nana!!!! Go Colt's (I say go Cowboys)!!

Thank you Nana!!!! Gig'Em Aggies :-)

Dave says no phone cards please...he gets them from his commander!!! He LOVES all the care packages so far. Thank you for thinking of him. So far he is ahead in the count among the guys in his dorm, he has received 4 packages so far :-)

THANKS Nana again for the GREAT dog blankies, they LOVE them. I love them too because I can wash them and they fit in our tiny washing machine AND they will not unravel into a million pieces!!! I love the personal touch of the sewn in label. Thank you very much :-)

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Nhem Family Blog said...

Hey sis did dave say he got my package? i haven't heard from him so i wasn't sure.