Monday, February 4, 2008

1/8th of the way through!!

Pfc. Kelly Ward, 19, of C Company, 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry, makes a snowman outside his company's command post on Kirkuk Air Base--this was back in 2004, but is similar to what Dave got to see when it snowed there last week!!

Here is the latest email Dave has sent:

"So another few days have passed and not much to mention....except that it SNOWED yesterday. It was crazy, I haven't seen snow in years and I go to Iraq and that's what happens. It was coming down hard for a couple hours and then it started raining again but I made sure to get some pictures before it was all gone. Control is pretty easy, just a little hectic with all the supervision in here all the time. I hope everyone is doing well back in the States. I'm over 1/8th of the way thru! I know it doesn't sound like much but it makes it seem better to me. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

Dave "

Snow report from Iraq:

I have talked to him a couple of times since the last post. He said the food is getting old. They rotate through the menu and since he eats there every day/morning/night he said he has eaten the same thing way too many times. They do have a few "american" eating places on the base; Burger King, Taco Bell and something else. He said he is not sure how "real" the meats are and he is not willing to try them out to see.

He says he will be in the "Control" position the rest of the time he is there which is good. He said it is too hard to train people to take that position so we do not have to worry that he will be out with the Iraqi civillians. Every time I talk to him he just sounds like he wants to come home very badly. He got a few packages I think from MomA and DadA...he says thanks!!! He was very excited to get the homemade cookies as were the guys in his bunk!

He said he will have very limited contact this next week, he couldn't tell me why. I didn't ask. I will let you all know when I talk with him again. I am sick, think I have a form of the flu? I was home sick today and proabbly will be tomorrow too. I have a terrible cough and fever along with some serious sinue pressure.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they are working. Still counting down the days, missing you all.

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Nhem Family Blog said...

That's great news- keep him in Control:) Yeah! Hope you feel better chica! When's ur roomie moving in?