Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yay, talked to Dave today!

Sully says hi (this is an older picture, his head is a lot larger now)...

Okie Dokie...Dave is good. He needs batteries?? AA to be exact?! Forgot to ask him what they were for, but if you plan to send him a package any time soon, if you could include a few AA batteries :-)

Well we have our "Winter Break" this weekend. We got Friday off and have Monday off too!! Yay for President's Day. I went to Thomasville last night to spend some quality time with the Jenster, cutest baby alive! He actually prefers me to his own mommy (most specifically because I refuse to put him in his car seat, mommy does that and he does not like the car seat)!! Got to know the tricks to the trade to become the favorite aunt!!

Sarah will be moving in soon along with her tiny dog Tipsy! She got all of her stuff out of her apartment and is cleaning as we speak. She will probably end up over here some time next week?! Hopefully she will survive the big dog syndrome over here. You know, it is THEIR house and if you are in the way, you better move or they will move you (not on purpose)!

Dave is reading like crazy and watching movies like a madman out there. So keep sending!! My plan is to send a book a week and so far that is working. He likes anything having to do with history or sports. I hit a GREAT sale at the local book store and have about 5 more along with his Sports Illustrated.

Happy Valentine's Day a little late to everyone and thanks Peter for the GREAT Valentine's Day message, it made me laugh :-)

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