Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't forget...

Remember that Dave does not know about the honeymoon thing, so DON'T say anything!!! I told him he had to promise to not look at this blog until he gets back, so ssshhhhhh!!!

He just called again!!! Nothing new...I can never remember all of the things I want to talk to him about. I guess I am going to have to go back to how it was when he was on swings. We never saw each other, only in passing, so I would leave notes to him and he would write back so when I got up I had an answer to my problem or the jar that I couldn't get open the night before was now loose. Craziness, I know.

We are working on getting the fence so I talked with him about remeasuring for the fence, moving it up closer to the house, so we can reduce our footage and maybe get a better fence. We did have 360 feet that we needed fenced, but I think we can bring it in a little tighter and still get the picket fence we really want.

He said he is okay on PT gear, I cannot find his only set that is supposed to be here some where? He said he can borrow some from a friend there to go to the gym, but I really want to find his. I have asked him to take a picture of himself in his full gear, so I will post that when he sends it! Some ideas for care packages: beef jerky, gum, blanket, i-tunes gift card (he can't illegally download there), cookies (even though he says he doesn't want any junk food), Doritos, Energy Bars, Copenhagen Snuff (dip) in a tin ("Even if he doesn't dip, he will be a hero and have more power than the Commanding Officer if he has a 'log' (10 cans) of 'Hagen.' A large percentage of infantry use this stuff and it is hard to get. The stuff they do get comes in a plastic can and tastes terrible. The 'Stateside Hagen' is the most powerful bargaining tool in a field environment!")---I am definitely not encouraging this, but Dave says that it does give a lot of power, little candies like smarties for the local kids, Gatorade mix.
I know this is a lot of stuff, but any of it he would LOVE. He did not ask for anything, which is so like him, but these are the things that other people have told me that he night need or what I know he really wants. If you have any questions, let me know. You can all mail anything to me and I can send it over to reduce your costs in shipping. Just let me know if you are sending something so I can hold any packages that I may be sending.

Thanks for suggestions on the trip (Jennie)...keep them coming!! I am leaning towards a Sandals-type resort now. Has anyone had experience with Sandals?? Or the all inclusive-type of resorts? I am liking St. Lucia or something in that area. Still not sure, there is so much to choose from.


She Likes Purple said...

Hi Court!

I'm going to make a note to pick up some things and send them to you soon so you can send them on to him.

St. Lucia (I hear) is incredible. Did I mention a cruise before? I think that may give you everything you want/need and is VERY reasonably priced. Could you drive to Orlando from GA? That would save on the airline tickets.

She Likes Purple said...

Oh! What kind of Doritos, gum, beef jerky?