Monday, January 14, 2008

Recent Pics :-)

Even though Cooper won't admit it, he really does love his brother very much. They are such good dogs :-)

Sully was so sad that he accidentally got up on the bed with me. He didn't mean to it just happened...uh oh!!!

Cooper was very sad to see his Daddy leave him. Plu she was cold so I gave him a blanket to make him look even more pittiful....pooooor baby!!

Dave in the coolest sweater you will ever see. Thanks to Ashley's "Tacky Christmas Sweater Party" Dave got to live it up for a few minutes before it was taken away from him!!!

Dave and I at the BEST (not kidding) steakhouse in the WORLD...Bob's Steak and Chophouse!! Do not let the name scare you away. Go to the one in Plano and ask for Eddie (he is a manager and my uncle). You might be a little less rich but you will not eat better any where else :-)

Amber and me in Dallas during Christmas break---miss you already!!!

More pictures to come...hopefully I will get some from Dave to share with you also. Stay tuned :-)

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She Likes Purple said...

You were in Dallas! You should have called!