Saturday, January 19, 2008


Another phone call...I talked to Dave tonight for about 12 minutes!! He is doing well. He has an address but I wasn't home and didn't have anything to write with. He will try to call tomorrow to give it to me. He doesn't need anything right now and he said everything is going well.

I asked him if he feels safe and he said he did, so that is especially comforting. It is VERY cold there, in the single digits!! I got this site from Dad Adkins and you can check his weather etc. there... .

I will let you all know when he needs anything. I am guessing he would like some more PT gear since that is all they can wear outside of their uniforms. He only has one set, so I will have to go buy him another set. If you would like me to send him a set from you, let me know and I can do that! He may also need extra blankets, maybe a heated blanket, but let me check because that may not be authorized for use in their dorm area?!

I was not able to ask him about other I will get details when he has more than 12 minutes to talk! Hopefully that will be soon. He is also hoping to get more email time. If any of you have Dan, Dustin or Matt's email addresses, could you please send them to me via email THANKS!!

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