Saturday, January 26, 2008


Anyone been to Belize?! Let me know :-)

Dave called today and said he is doing well. I think he is antsy for a package, even though he won't admit it. I am going to send one out Monday and will continue to do one weekly, if you would like to add anything. He said magazines are good and DVDs. Mostly, when he gets back to the dorms he just reads or watches movies on his laptop. He has only been able to go to the gym one time since he has been there but plans on going more often if possible.

I got him a Men's Health magazine today and am going to send him his Sports Illustrated that he has been getting. I also got some GREAT deals on books!! I am going to send him one each week until I run out.

He said the food is actually decent. They are at one of the better bases that apparently has better food than Moody! A soldier that was there in the past has sent them a supply of hot sauce so each table has hot sauce for their enjoyment. The food used to be not great and they had to douse everything in hot sauce to cover up the bland taste.

He says they have been in the 30-40 degree range lately, but his job is inside so it usually doesn't matter. They guys call him "Control" because he is the Control Manager at the base. They put him in charge of the scheduling and he also listens to the radios and keeps watch over all the activity on the base pertaining to security. He said that I shouldn't worry because he is not in much direct contact with the locals since he is manning the radios behind a desk. So that is comforting!

I am still waiting on pictures from him to post so we can see where he is living and what it looks like! The other day he was not allowed to call me due to some security issues. No one was allowed outside contact by phone or email due to the situation that he can't tell me about?!

Today my cheerleaders marched in the Victory Parade for our local football teams, the Valdosta State Blazers and the Lowndes County Vikings. Both won their state championships this past month. It was so cold and rainy, but the girls had fun and it was neat to see a lot of the people out to support our local football!

Last night I went to Thomasville to see our beautiful "nephew" Jensen and Chris and Amber. We ate pizza and watched golf on TV! Jensen recently turned one year old!!! We got him a wooden train set for his birthday from Pier One. If you need cute gifts for kids you have got to check out my favorite store, Pier One!!!

I am signing off to go see Bianca for her birthday! The dogs say hi and "send more bones"!

Peace :-)


Nhem Family Blog said...

Yeah Belize!

Glad to hear Dave is doing good- I've compiled a package for him that will send out monday as well- I have some books for him also that I think he'll like.

Also glad to hear your out seeing friends and keeping busy:) Talk to you soon chica.

Kris said...

Hey Court-
A good friend of mine has been to Belize several times and LOVES it. What do you need to know? She and her hubby usually go to places off the beaten path. They are very active and like to snorkel, scuba, mountain climb, bike, etc.

Let me know what you need to know. Belize is definitely on my list of places to see.
Aunt Kris