Sunday, January 20, 2008


Shhhhhh, don't tell Dave....I want to literally plan an entire honeymoon (since we never took one) for us to take when he gets back from Iraq. Any ideas!!! We want the beach, but not super touristy, lots of culture, relaxing but also options for additional activities, boating, golfing, etc....with pampering honeymoon suite treatment :-)

Dave is SUPER money conscious, drives me crazy, but without him I would be in HUGE debt :-) My obsession is shopping, cannot help it. I love filling shopping carts, even if it is with all those on sale candy canes after Christmas (they were 9 cents at Target, couldn't help it). Is is an addiction, but I have recognized it, so that is my first step to treatment...even though I despise the treatment. Money is money though, meant to be spent, right?! You will never have enough of it.

So back to the point...we need a GREAT, FABULOUS, PERFECT place to be together with minimal expenses...preferably an all inclusive type of set up. I DO want my sand and blue water and my pretty drink with an umbrella and the tiki tent cover thing and maybe even a cabana boy. Suggestions?!

Some ideas: Canary Islands (but which one?), Cape Verde, The Seychelles (picture above), St. Lucia, Italy, some where in Central America, there are so many places to choose from....HELP!


Nhem Family Blog said...

I think you should do Napa or Monterrey and then come visit us! Hehe. Well being that we haven't had our honeymoon yet either I totally understand-- we're planning on Thailand one of these days... Brazil and Morrocco are on my list too! Mexico is cheap- Isla Mujeres or Playa Del Carmen were both beautiful- but it's been 5/6 years since I've been. If you have intercontinental air miles you could do Kauai- it's not quite so touristy and really beautiful. Have fun planning!

She Likes Purple said...

Gosh so many choices! I think South/Central America has lots of options (I hear Argentina is fantastic). Any of the Virgin Islands (British or American). And there are oodles of islands around Italy/Greece that would probably be the trip of a lifetime. Or you could plan a cruise. OR Hawaii! I hope you have the best time, wherever you decide upon!