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Gatlinburg, TN---SOOOO fun, yes even with 100 8th graders. We had a great time. I will say that we have an amazing band and director and they got 1st place in their division which was well deserved. Our chorus is great too, they got 2nd place. We were in the middle of the Smoky Mountains and the kids got to see things that were so new to them. What an amazing experience to be able to share. Remember, some of these children have never been outside of Valdosta, can you believe that! The gift of travel is one of the most important. Don't forget to take your children on trips and teach them about the world, they need this more that you can imagine. They will never forget it!!! I still have all of my wonderful memories of traveling with the family, I will treasure those forever. Thanks Momma, Daddy, Nana, and Pa. I am most grateful for this. Here are some pictures of our adventure. By the way, I would highly suggest this area for camping, sightseeing, etc. if you ever have the chance to see it. You will probably also see some bears!!! We saw one taking the hotel's trash---it was cute. There are approximately 2 bears for each square mile of forest in this area.
BUS #1 Crew!!!

Anyone know what kind of tree this is??? I want one!

Mr. Cureton on the tram.

Mine and Hundley's view on the tram.
Yes, Hundley was screaming and scaring all of the little children.

Pi Phi Elementary

View from the tram's top

Bradley, me, Hundley, a Daddy, Cureton, Peace, and Norris

Bradley directing...

Bowen, the cutie pie heart throb...

Hayley, one of mine from last year

Chorus singing their hearts out

The boys...

Abby :-)

YaLonda's solo

Cute kids from last year...

More cuties from last year...

Y mas....

The misfits :-)

Ear Drops--Yeah, so Sully and the ear drops---HA! BIG HUGE HA!! He would rather lick a cat (by the way, he hates cats). Soooo, I have come up with a sneaky way to get them in. When I get them outside and he is on his rope...I walk on the rope to keep him from going far and I keep walking until I am really close and his head can't move and then I squirt. I can usually get him that way. However, a few times he has been able to pull the rope out from under me so he can get away. Or, my favorite, he pulls the rope out and then runs in a circle around me and trips me with his rope. I am telling you, this dog HATES EAR DROPS!!!!

Doggie Hotel--The dogs got to stay in their first doggie hotel when I went to Gatlinburg and poor Cooper was so scared. Now let me remind you that both dogs were shelter rescues. Cooper was over 3 months when we got him so he does remember his shelter experience which I do believe is why he is so loyal. I felt so bad....he would not let me close the gate. He literally had his head wedged between the wall and the gate so I could not close it. It was hard to leave them and I know that the lady at the desk was totally annoyed by the fact that after I went to the car to leave that I had to come in 4 additional times to leave items and to remind her of different things. I did also give them a letter that was detailed about the dogs and what they needed while I was not there. I KNOW, I AM A PSYCHO DOG PARENT. Below is the letter if you are interested.
Cooper (5 year old brown one) and
Sully (2 year old black one)

They will tear up (play with) anything you give them, they are sorry!

They can drink water from the same bowl but not eat from the same bowl, they are a bit selfish.

Cooper gets 2 scoops in the morning and 2 at night
Sully gets 3 in the morning and 3 at night

Cooper will eat right away and Sully might save his for later BUT be aware that Cooper will eat Sully’s if no one is there to watch him hence the reason he is a little over weight! Sully will learn one day that if he doesn’t get it fast then his brother from another mother will scarf it down.

They drink a lot of water but are pretty good about holding their bladders. I take them out in the morning around 6 and then again around 5pm and a few times until the last outside escapade around 10pm.

Sully must wear his halter leash or he will walk you, literally. He still pulls, sorry we are working on that. Cooper is usually unleashed (he is the good one). However he will be fine on a leash too but does have tendencies to want to be the leader.

They play with other dogs well (all sizes included) and LOVE to be outside. They will both bark (to keep me safe) but do not be alarmed, they have never bit anyone. Sully however does use his big head to push people a bit, especially when he wants to play. He does not know how big he is yet. Sully will also chase you if you run and baby bite (this is meant to be playful not to hurt). I am not a fan of this, still trying to break him of it.

They have their blankets (Cooper’s-maroon and Sully’s-blue) and all of their food is inside the big bone. Again, they cannot have their food that close so please only put water in the blue bowls and put their food dishes on different side of the crate.

They and I thank you for loving them while we are away.

Please call me with any concerns on my cell at 229-740-5500. I should be available at all times. I will also be staying at:

Edgewater Hotel
402 River RoadGatlinburg, TN 37738 (865) 436-4151 Toll Free: 1-800-423-9582

I will be back in Valdosta Saturday night around 8 pm. I will be happy to come get them Sunday or Saturday night if they are available.

Thanks again,
Courtney and David Adkins
Surely you do not think I am crazy. Just a loving parent :-) I mean, look at these faces, wouldn't you be the same way...
Yes, he got himself in there while I was doing laundry.

What pretty eyes you have...
8th grade drama....not going there.

Strep Throat--yes, I got it and it was BAD. You don't realize how wonderful health is until you have truly been sick. After my Z-pack (aka. miracle-pack) I was ready to run a marathon!!

PTO (Parent-Teacher-Organization) drama...not going there either.
I think that pretty much covers the items that were not self explanatory. The other items I will touch on as needed. I did get a 70 pound foot locker from Dave. He has sent home the items he won't need in his last weeks there. Thanks again to EVERYONE for help sending him packages. You not only made his day but also all the other guys and girls who do not get much. Any time he had extras he would set them out by the bathroom and it was all usually gone by the time he was able to make it back out there. THANK YOU!!
I will keep you all posted as I get info from Dave about the trip back to the glorious states. Can't wait to be able to say that he is here again. Miss you all---peace!!!

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