Saturday, May 17, 2008

Feeling good....

A lot has happend since I last blogged, but here is a quick run down....doggie party in the street (Cooper started it), secret (not any more) desires to line dry clothes, Sully and yeast in his ear, drops in Sully's ear (YEAH RIGHT), doggie hotels, Gatlinburg, TN, 8th grade drama, strep throat, email from Dave about his departure, trash run, Sully pee patrol, 8th grade prom, PTO drama, 8th grade prom DJ issues, joyful new cheer parents (truly a breath of fresh air), parents and teachers who HATE 8th grade prom, parents and teachers who love us for doing 8th grade prom, flat tire on riding lawn mower, no more deer (thank GOD), big box delievery from Iraq, giraffe purse (so cute), band and chorus trip, taping doors shut at the hotel....gosh I think I could go on forever.

Ok, so some of these are self expanatory but here it goes....

Doggie Party

Cooper decided while I was inside that it would be cool to take it upon him self to have a dog party--IN THE STREET. There was a nice old lady walking her golden retriever when Cooper decided that they had to be friends (mind you, I am in the house preparing their breakfast). Interestingly enough two other dogs come out of the freaking forest--no joke!!! Just so happens that another man was walking his two dogs on the street beside ours. Yes, they joined. Next thing you know we are a tangled mess. The dogs were having a great time, the humans on the other hand....little frustrated.

I bought a retractable clothes line for drying clothes....kind of excited about it.

Sorry no more time to chat at the moment....gotta run to decorate for the 8th grade prom---joys of being the only one at school to do just about anything outside of school hours. SOOOOO, I will continue this late tonight or tomorrow.

THE Dance of the year is at Lake Park United Methodist Youth Center...yes there will be dancing and yes we will be playing multiple music selections most of which will not be "church music" and yes we will be able to turn the lights down. LORD, these are some of the questions I have had to answer lately for these lovelies!!!

Those of you in the Lake Park area----COME CHAPERONE!!!!!

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