Saturday, February 12, 2011

Outside of Kandahar has been raining....umm, pouring!!!
The base is about as big as two football fields---VERY tiny. It is a new base and they do not have much more than the tents that you see in the background above (they are the half-dome, looking things). They are made of canvas and their floors are also canvas. Some tents are set up on plywood to keep the water out. Dave's tent is not set up on the wood :-/
Yes, that is the door to his tent and that is a man with a bucket!! They had to literally scoop out the water so they could stay dry!!
Inside the tent...watching tv on a flat screen...go figure!! They are waiting on a PS3 to play with. It should be joining them in a week or so!
The picture below is not where he is staying...this was the Canadian base they passed through before getting to their FOB (the one with real eggs). Dave said this place was awesome, the base they are at...not so much!


Life of Nhem said...

Did Dave send you those pics? Does that mean he has Internet?

Court, Dave, and Sully said...

I guess he does! I am guessing that if he does, it is touch and go? I will ask!

Kris said...

Have Dave let us know if he and his buddies need/want anything to make their place better. ANYTHING!!!!!

Court, Dave, and Sully said...

Posting a want/need list!!