Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My dear friend, Tammi, who is a colleague of mine from GA, asked if I would skype with her class!! We talked today for about half an hour and decided that our classes would skype next week. Logistically, our time difference threw us some curve balls, but we figured it out with both of our schedules---I am SO excited :-D

Tammi is one of those teachers who you strive to emulate. She has taught elementary and middle school, she currently teaches 7th grade science at Lowndes Middle. She has taught for 20ish years and is just amazing. She is a mother of two, beautiful, well-rounded, intelligent girls who are successful in so many ways already! Her classroom runs like clockwork and her students are 100% engaged (is this possible?)! In other words, I want to be like her when I grow up :-)

I love her so much and I actually teared up when we hung up today. I am truly gracious to her for: guiding me when I had teaching questions, sending her husband to fix my broken pipes when Dave was in Iraq, going shoe shopping with me on my bad days (and good), laughing with me when I needed a smile, running the concession stands with me when everyone else was too busy! Oh gosh, there are so many more reasons...I will stop! Thank you, Tammi for your love and support. I miss you DEARLY and will always have you in my heart.

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