Monday, February 21, 2011

Report Cards and Poop!

The joys of report card time are upon us. This is such a different time for teachers who teach elementary school than it is for middle and high school. I would never have imagined the stress it carries...until NOW!! Ahhhhhh!! I am on my way to school (on our day off) to begin the joyful process.
On an more smelly note, I cleaned up as much dog poo in the backyard as I could before I invite some landscapers over to see if they can save my yard. This is a typical Dave job and one that I seriously hate to the depths of all that is disgusting. One of the main reasons I plan to hire the landscaper is so that I do not have to pick up poo ever again! In Georgia it was so different because our yard was HUGE and the dogs instinctly did their business along the fence line. I guess they knew how much I despised the job of seeing/cleaning up the crap. Poor Sully does not have the option any more. Poor guy came in with some on his foot the other day and it was then that I felt that if I did not clean it up, ASPCA might have some concerns. I am not kidding when I say that the bag that I collected yesterday weighed as much as a small child--NOT kidding! Soooo, stinking gross!! Wish I could teach Sully to do this...

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